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About us

In development

Deep Forest Husky is on Kvernmo in Gratangen, about half an hour’s drive north of Narvik. Here we combine Sami experiences with the experiences of nature from dog-sledding. We have now 100 dogs ready to pull the sleds, and 67 puppies.  The puppies won’t be ready to pull sleds before ecember 2020. 

In nature

Kvernmo is a small mountain village with about 20 inhabitants. There are some families with children, some farmers, and some retirees. Kvernmo is a quiet place with beautiful nature. In the evening it is completely dark, since we have no streetlights. In other words, we live and work in nature. And nature there is plenty of! The dog-sledding trips first go along the river, through beautiful and trollish woods, before we reach an open area where we can see the enormous mountains that surround the village.

In the lavvu

Fireplace, coffee brewed over the fire, reindeer skins, and silence are all part of the life in the lavvu. Food is served in the lavvu. The shaman also knows what power reigns inside a lavvu.

In the family

It started as a problem. Meaning we didn’t have a baby-sitter. So we brought the children along to the lavvu and the dogs. And it turned out to be a very good idea! The children loved the nature, the lavvu, and the dogs. We noticed that even young children needed only a short time to develop an overview of the dogs. They have an idea of which dogs bark, which are uneasy, and which are kind. Tommy was impressed, since the children on their own had hand-picked their favourite dogs, which turned out to be the pack-leaders!
The children also very quickly learned to treat the guests politely and helpfully. Several times the visitors have brought their own children, and they have quickly become acquainted. Especially when they together come up with pranks.

In time

It all started January 2019 with a plain advertisement on Visit Narvik. At first there were several viewings, but then there were more and more missions. Some days there were groups of visitors both morning and evening. The visitors were often impressed by the whole family, neighbours, and friends turning up to help the business. Especially an older respectable lady of 88 who came by. She was mostly interested in how the Northern Lights Ceremony happened and with what respect we should treat the Sami spirits, not to mention tasting the reindeer-soup.

our great team


Tommy Eliassen


Has worked with dog-sledding for 20 years. With his dogs, he has been on most of the mountains in the South of Troms. He is responsible for everything that has to do with the dogs. Tommy makes a living of the dogs, and knows each and every one of them. He knows their whims, mood, bothers, and the story of each dog. This knowledge is not written anywhere, so he keeps it all in his head. All 60 of the dogs!


Ronald Kvernmo

Sámi Shaman

Has worked with Sami shamanism for 20 years. Shamanism is something you have to be born to do. It started already when he was a child. While other children played football, Ronald was alone in the woods, together with the animals, spirits, and forefathers. They have since been his companions throughout life, but he is also concerned with taking care of Sami culture and traditions. Ronald is responsible for the ceremonies.


Beate-Kristin Sandfjord

Tour Guide

Is dog-crazy. She makes sure that all the dogs have fitting teams and sleds. And when Beate finishes driving she makes fantastically tasty food for everyone.